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For Mission Driven Business Owners & Brands...

How To Get $10,000 Per Month In Free PPC Ads To Grow Your Audience And Boost Your Sales

If you are selling high quality products & services online…

And you want to get in front of the most HUNGRY rabid buyers to boost your sales WITHOUT spending a dime on traffic.

Then stick with me because I'm going to show you how to do just that...

Using a powerful method that most of your competitors have no clue about.

Let me ask you a question:

What is the FASTEST way to create a flood of new sales for your products?

The answer is simple.

Get in front of people who are already searching for what you are selling….

And where do people search for stuff online?

They search on Google.

It’s been reported that Google processes 99,000 searches PER second.

That’s insane.

Every second the clock ticks, you have 99,000 new searches happening.

Like a never ending wave.

It’s crazy if you think about it.

Now imagine if you could get in front of THIS wave.

Would you be able to sell your products more easily?

Of course you would.

And this is EXACTLY why Google Ads blew up.

In 2023, Google made $224 billion via ad revenue.

Today, millions of advertisers are scrambling to advertise on Google simply because…the traffic quality is sooo good.

When traffic is good, making sales is EASY (as long as you have what the other person is looking for).

Which is why there is SO MUCH demand for Google traffic..

However there is ONE big problem here.

The cost of the Google Ads traffic is super high and competition is FIERCE …

...which makes it quite hard to turn a profit unless you are damn good at what you are doing.

See….anyone can run Google Ads and make tens of thousands of $ in sales if they have unlimited budget.

But the name of the game is to turn a profit after paying your ad expense….

And if you are not able to do that…what’s the point?

Now what if we showed you a way to get Google Ads traffic for FREE?

Like literally free.

Sounds crazy but let me explain...

And here’s how it works:

Since 2013, Google has granted over $9 billion in free advertising to over 115,000 non-profit companies across 50 countries

The program is led by Michelle Hurtado who started her career working in non profit communication and saw how online ads level the playing field and give smaller organizations a voice.

The program gives nonprofits the chance to advertise on Google at no cost to the nonprofit.

So as long as you are a non-profit company, you can be eligible to receive this grant.

But we know that you aren’t one…YET.

In fact, you probably have a for-profit business, and are wondering how this can work for you?

Read on and we'll show you exactly how your business can benefit from this, and how we can help you qualify for this ad grant...

Here's How You Can Qualify For This Free Ad Grant...

Step #1 - Identify Your Non Profit Idea

In this step, we identify a mission or a cause that's relevant to your existing brand or business that you can support.

This cause will be relevant to your existing audience / products - and we will setup a brand new non-profit organization around this.

We have a tool called the Instant Mission Mapper that helps you come up with ideas for your non profit, the cause it can serve, and also potential names for your new organization.

Your time required: 5 minutes

Note: On our private demo call, we will use the Mission Mapping tool for your brand / business.

Step #2 - Create A Non Profit 

Next, our team will help you register your non profit (and handle all the paperwork required) to get this completed in the fastest way possible, without any hiccups.

All the legal costs & fees associated with this are covered by us.

You'll simply provide us with your brand & non profit details (we will help you with this), and our Grant Expert team will handle the rest

Your time required: 30 minutes

#3 - Setup Your Grant Compliant Website

Now our team will custom design a website for your non-profit that's 100% compliant with Google Grant policies.

After doing this process with 400+ grants, we know exactly what's required on your website so we can apply for the Google Grants program.

Your website will be setup on WordPress, and we'll setup the domain + hosting + a landing page builder (with 3 product promotion pages installed for you).

All the costs of this are covered by us - and once its all finalized, we will transfer ALL these assets to you.

You hold and retain 100% control of the non-profit, the domain, the website, the landing pages - EVERYTHING.

Your time required: NONE!

#4 - Apply For The Google Grants Program

Now in the final steps, we'll apply for the $10,000 per month in free Google ads for your new non profit.

We only take on brands that we know can be eligible to receive this grant.

Plus - we only help business owners who are mission-driven and want to give back to the community.

All in all - your total time investment with our done for you service is less than 60 minutes.


Free $1,200,000? Keep Reading...

Ad costs are soaring, with no relief in sight.

Organic traffic?

Becoming increasingly elusive.…

And it’s not getting any better.

Imagine the possibility of a 10x ROAS on your Ad spend.

How much easier would it be to grow profitable?

Better yet, what about an infinite return on ad spend?


Regardless of your eCommerce niche, this is your competitive edge.

With the Google Ad Grants program, you can secure $120,000 in free ads per year, every single year, for life.

Whether you want to…

  • Accelerate the sales of your existing Amazon or Shopify products & sell through your inventory faster
  • Launch more winning products by leveraging free external traffic
  • Rise up the organic rankings on Amazon without throwing money away on PPC ads.
  • Increase the value of your brand to ultimately exit for a big payday

You'll gain $10,000 per month in free ads to fuel your goals.

Just think of the transformational impact on your business...

Your Competitors Don't Know About This... YET!

They are fighting for scraps on Amazon, trying to "game the system" and chasing the latest hacks & tricks.

But with this free google traffic?

You can add free organic sales to your business and laugh your way to the bank...

You can send a flood of new traffic to your listings whenever you want.

You don't have to fight the rising PPC ad costs any longer. 

If your Amazon sales were to stop even for a day?

You're never goona be stuck with a warehouse full of products.

This free traffic adds a new paycheck in your business.

Using a secret that your competitors have no clue about!

Its time to get "in" on this now, before the word gets out...

Did you know Google raked in over $237B in ad revenue in 2023?

Check this out...

why is google doing this

They've been running the Ad Grants program for almost two decades.

They're urgently seeking tax write-offs.

Hence, their ad grant program isn’t going anywhere.

Don't let this opportunity slip away.

This could potentially equate to $1,200,000 available for your business over the next decade.

Here's What Your Grant Account Will Looks Like...
(Hint: You Can't Get Billed, Ever!)


Every Day Without This Ad Account, You're Losing $329 Per Day In Free Advertising For Your Products...

That's $10,000 per month in free advertising that you're missing out on right now.

Remember - each and every single sale you generate from this is 100% profit.

There's no ad spend - ever.

This also creates goodwill with your customers, because they see that your brand serves a deep mission for the good.

How many sales could you make with an extra $120,000 per year in free ads? 

Remember - once you get your ad account, you’re locked in which means even if Google decided to change something, you’ll have ongoing access to this free traffic source.

Even if your current PPC campaigns stop working tomorrow, or there’s a big dip in sales because of the Amazon algorithm, your brand is protected because you have a fail-safe way to keep getting new sales & fresh reviews for your products.

Here's What's Included In Our Service

Instant Mission Mapper:

A service to help clarify the non-profit's mission and vision, crucial for defining its goals and objectives.

Non-Profit Website Installation:

We will create, design, and install a website compliant with the Google Grants program, providing a professional online presence for your non-profit.

Free Domain & Hosting:

One year of free domain and hosting, essential for maintaining your non-profit's website. After one year, clients have the option to continue with our hosting plans or transfer their site to another provider.

Sales Funnel & Landing Page Builder:

One year of free access to CartFlows, a premier sales funnel builder with pre-installed templates for landing pages, A/B testing, and lead capture, enhancing your website's marketing capabilities.

This is a $449/year tool and 12 month free access is included for our private clients.

Google Ads Playbook:

Includes strategies like the 'Fisher Campaign' and the 'Sniper Campaign', designed to streamline and optimize your Google Ads efforts with minimal time investment.
Additionally, Clients receive access to our proprietary toolkit designed to optimize Google Ads management:

Audience Magnifier Map:

Helps identify precise audience group for targeted advertising.

Google Keywords & Ads Wizard:

Simplifies the creation of keyword lists and search ads for your advertising campaigns.

Irresistible Lead Bait Wizard:

Assists in developing engaging content for email and SMS marketing.

Brand Sponsored Posts Generator:

Crafts pre-sell content to warm up audiences to your products.

Ad Compliance Checker Bot:

Ensures your ads meet Google's policy requirements before going live.

All our tools are tailored to empower our private clients in managing and optimizing their Google Ads for the best possible ROI.

Common Questions About Google Grants For Brands

Google made over $200 Billion in ad revenue in 2022 alone. They’ve been using the Google Ad Grants to write off billions of dollars every year since 2003. They’re using their own platform to “donate” free ads so they can pay less taxes. This program is not going anywhere.